Complex Commercial Trial Practice

Sometimes a seemingly simple contract dispute can turn into much more. Whether it’s a construction dispute between two parties, a class action lawsuit stemming from the violation of consumer protection laws, or some other breakdown of a business deal, commercial disputes often take on complexity not only in the facts involved but also in the law. Dorta Law has experience handling complex commercial issues through trial by jury or judge. When you hire Dorta Law to handle your commercial case, you benefit from the efficiency and continuity of the firm both directing the litigation and then trying the case through to verdict. The firm’s philosophy is expediency with sound results. Our strategy is to quickly set the case for final hearing or trial. This area of our practice includes representation of not only business owners but also shareholders, investors, and consumers. The commercial world has become increasingly complex and both the state and federal government have pursued an array of new laws to protect the public from fraudulent, deceptive practices, Ponzi schemes and like-kind commercial abuses. Our firm has handled these challenging disputes for a multitude of clients. Our familiarity with these ever-changing areas of the law enables us to handle every aspect of the case.