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We are a boutique trial firm located in Coral Gables, Florida. We represent clients in several areas of practice, including complex commercial trial practice, wrongful death, premises liability, commercial litigation, business disputes, professional malpractice, and eminent domain. We take great pride in the fact that our colleagues consistently and continually demonstrate their confidence in our firm by referring cases for us to try for their clients as lead trial counsel.

Our philosophy is that clients’ cases must be moved expeditiously to secure finality, either by way of settlement or trial. The longer a case remains in litigation, the more expensive it is for the client and less likely the client will obtain satisfactory results. We are selective with our clientele to ensure that each client is backed by the full weight of the firm and its owners, both of whom serve as primary counsel in every case our firm accepts. When this firm takes on a matter, the firm’s partners become primarily responsible for the case and not a young associate or lesser experienced attorney. Our aim is to push the matter to trial because that is when we have seen positive results. To ensure a good fit between our firm and the client, we conduct an in-depth interview to determine whether we are the right firm for the prospective client.

Throughout the firm’s many years of practice, we have established a national network of professionals with whom the firm enjoys a successful working relationship. These professionals not only benefit the client at trial but their expertise allows us to give the client an objective evaluation of the case, including its strengths and weaknesses, from the inception of the relationship. From the onset of the engagement, we prepare for trial.

Active Participation

Community Involvement

Our firm is dedicated to the needs of the community. For many years, Mr. Dorta has been actively involved in coaching youth football and basketball teams for inner-city children. Also, Mr. Dorta regularly participates in mentoring programs in the community and has served as a guest speaker to many youth groups and community centers throughout Miami-Dade County.

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